Fueling Success

Naughton Energy Corporation was founded in Pennsylvania in 1976 as a supplier of coal. The company
gradually expanded its energy services and in 1985 incorporated. Taking time to profile the firm, is COO,
J. Rory Naughton who reveals more about the company and highlights what it means to have been
selected as part of BUILD’s DBE American Top 50.

Established in Pennsylvania in 1976, Naughton Energy Corporation as a supplier of coal. Gradually, the company expanded its energy services and incorporated it in 1985. Naughton
Energy is currently a supplier of distillate fuels, coal residual,
lubricants and fuel tanks. The company’s primary market area ranges
from Maine to Virginia with offices in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania and
New York City. Recently, our market focus was expanded with the opening of an office in Naples, Florida. Naughton Energy maintains a fleet of
fuel trucks in the New York City metropolitan area.

Products and Services
• Petroleum – Gasoline, Heating Oil, Diesel (On-Road & Off-Road),
Marine, Kerosene, Jet, Residual, And Bio-Fuel (Bio Diesel & Bio Heat)
• On Site Construction Fuel – Direct fuelling into equipment and fuel
tanks, using state of the art fleet navigator bar code delivery equipment
• Lubricants / Greases / Oils / Fluids – Military Specified, Commercial and Industrial, including Food Grade Products
• Transcube Fuel Cells

When managing staff, our company principle is to know the difference
between skill and will. There are two main reasons for underperformance: a skill gap or a will gap. A skill gap is easy to close through
coaching, training, and support that Naughton Energy provides to our
staff. A will gap is more difficult to close. You need to take time to dig
into your employee’s motivation. Do they understand how their work fits
into the big picture? Also, we offer incentives and raises based on job
performance and accuracy.

When undertaking a new client or project, Naughton Energy uses a
multi-faceted approach with a mix of planning, monitoring and controlling
ownership of the product. When working with fuelling the construction
companies’ sites, we take ownership over our fuel and assure that transportation and deliveries are on time and with safe high quality results.

Our unique value sets us apart from other companies in this industry.
Naughton Energy Corporation has a sound credit rating that allows the
purchasing of products from a variety of refiners, and provides the ability
to securely finance its contract obligations. A transportation network composed of truck, rail, barge and pipeline movements provide Naughton
Energy with access to all regions of the country. We maintain a fleet of
tank wagon fuel delivery trucks to deliver our fuel in a safe and timely
manner. Overall, we are the best option for our clients because of our
successful track record and customer service.

There are many ways to look at energy and the oil and gas industry. Oil
and gas provide the primary fuel for the daily energy requirements. The
sources of energy come from coal, nuclear and hydroelectric power,

renewables like wind, solar and tidal power, and biomass products such
as firewood. When focusing on fuel energy people think of how it keeps
us warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, how we use it to cook
our food and heat our water, how we generate our electricity and power
our appliances and how it is used in building and construction.

As a DBE small company supplier, we have faced our past challenges
through divergent cultural and economic cycles. Throughout the years,
we have successfully remained innovative and resilient in our business
approach. We take pride in our work and as a safety oriented small DBE
supplier and have created jobs by working well with our partners on
multi-million-dollar bridge, airport and road construction projects, as well
as, special event projects such as the United States Tennis Association
US OPEN. We deliver our products on budget and on time enhancing
our company’s reputation.

Naughton Energy Corporation is proud to have earned the honor to be a
part of the DBE American Top 50. Our company President, Mariette Naughton, is originally from the Philippines. Throughout the decades, both her and
her team have made good decisions and have been able to stay focused
and disciplined over the years to achieve economic success. For our small
firm, as a Woman Owned Minority and Disadvantaged company (WMDBE
company) being a part of the DBE Top 50 allows us to work in a diverse
and inclusive environment where economic success is achieved for small
business owners. We are happy to be a model for new WMDBE companies.
NEC strives to keep up with the new projects and innovative energy plans
and happenings. We participate in annual conferences nationwide as well
as state, regional and local conventions and forum meetings to network and
share our business experiences and successes and meet new potential
clients. Most of all, we look forward to expanding our new products and services along the Eastern Seaboard as we grow as a DBE Top 50 company.

Looking ahead, we look forward to adding more products to our supply
list and to supply more of what the need is in the construction industry.
Here at Naughton Energy Corporation, we anticipate there will be more
growth and opportunities with government infrastructure projects as we
work closely with the Department of Transportation and Port Authorities.

As for our future aspirations for Naughton Energy Corporation, we hope
to expand our products and services and to be able to participate in
more bridge and airport expansions along the East Coast. Alongside this,
we hope to expand our products and services in the Northeast Tri-State
area, as well as in the State of Florida. Naughton Energy Corporation
is excited to look into new growth platforms in the industry – whether it
comes to seeking new certificates, new regions and new clients, the
changing economy of need and supply forces us to come up with a big
insight, since sometimes a little one won’t do.

Company: Naughton Energy Corporation
Contact: Rory Naughton
Contact Email: [email protected]
Address: 1898 Route 940, Pocono Pines,
Pennsylvania, 18350, USA
Telephone: 001 212 566 5837
Web Address: www.naughtonenergy.com