“We have always been very proud of our involvement of the worldfamous World Trade Center Oculus in New York City which opened
us up to more opportunities.”

Head Shot of Naughton Energy Team Member

Mariette Naughton: A Buoyant Leader

Mariette Naughton is the President and
Founder of the Women-owned energy company,
Naughton Energy Corporation. Mariette was born in
the Philippines and migrated to the USA when she
met her Irish American husband in the 1960s. She
believes in diversity and inclusion and is a trusted
mentor for all company staff. She founded the energy
company in 1976 and since then the company has
evolved from distributing coal and various petroleum
products to being the premier supplier of fuel for
large Fortune 500 construction companies and their
projects in the New York Metropolitan area.

The oil and gas industry is
driven by several challenges
such as volatile gas and
oil prices, extreme locations,
marginal oil fields, as well as rapidly
changing global fuel trends. Amid
such challenges, it is becoming
important for players in the oil and
gas industry to build up effective
procurement strategies.

Naughton Energy Corporation was
formed in 1976 as a coal trading
firm with its initial market efforts
concentrated in the Northeastern
United States. In the early 1980s, the
company entered into petroleum
sales. During the 1980s, coal and
petroleum market areas were
expanded and the company initiated
sales of natural gas and specialized
industrial lubricants. Naughton
Energy is presently supplying coal,
petroleum, lubricants, and fuel
tanks to customers throughout the
continental United States.

Some of NEC’s projects include the
fuel supply for the redesign of the
Tappan Zee Bridge and Kosciuszko
Bridge, the airport expansions of the
LaGuardia Airport, JFK Airport and
Newark Airport, Sunnyside Yards,
the 2nd Avenue Subway, USOPEN
Tennis Complex, to name a few.

Naughton Energy is headquartered
in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania.

Naughton Energy:

Fleet Management and
Over the last decade, Naughton
Energy has incorporated state-ofthe-art technology for its heavy-duty
trucking equipment. The company’s
fuel truck drivers are certified,

trained and experienced to operate
with adherence to strict safety
protocols. With the combination
of its barcoded equipment, backoffice software, and expertise in
fuel management for construction
companies and government
agencies, Naughton Energy provides
the highest level of safety and
reliable customer service.

Emerging as Front-Runner:
In Fight against Climate

Naughton Energy fully supports
science and research on climate
change. As a small business, it’s
constantly analyzing and utilizing
products that can provide a
sustainable green viable alternative
to fossil fuels. The company
promotes the distribution of biofuels
and purchase new oil distribution
trucks to minimize carbon
footprint. It actively promotes
corporate responsibility in its
field of work. The corporation was
started as a coal trading company
and throughout the 40+ years in
business, it has been pursuing
evolving energy products for enduser distribution.

Naughton Energy: ‘Our POV
on Future Trend Disrupters’
Naughton Energy is following all
alternatives to Ultra Low Sulfur
Diesel (ULSD), the forecast it
sees as the largest disrupter
will be wide-scale use of electric
vehicles. There is a lot of promise
with Co2 reductions of electric
vehicles however they are not
without fundamental flaws to
the environment. Some of these
issues include increased electricity
to the grid, development of
commercial charging stations,
battery technology and hazardous
materials once the batteries need

to be replaced.
Liquid Natural Gas
(LNG) is currently a
viable substitute for ULSD. Where
available, LNG promises a less
expensive and higher fuel economy

Naughton Energy-Offered
New Services: Focus on Green

Naughton Energy is currently
supplying Diesel Exhaust Fluid
(DEF) to its customers. DEF is a
relatively new product that is used
along with newer Diesel engines to
reduce the amount of air pollution
generated. The company uses
various methods to supply its end
users with this product. The energy
business has seen solid growth year
after year and forecasts positive
growth throughout each of the
next five years. Naughton Energy
achieves this growth through
disciplined spending and capital
investments in both its equipment
and employees — the management
is very economically conscious
of the use of funds within the
corporation and fundamentally
views that investing back into the
company is a key contributor to

Reaching Beyond Marketing
The administrative management
team attends various webinars and
travels to conferences throughout
the country to stay up to date with
the newest trends in the economy
and business related to energy and
construction. They continuously
evaluate company goals and
aspirations and use a collaborative
approach to work focusing on
safe environments, improved
productivity, and increased profits
for all involved to help grow small
businesses and fuel the economy.

“We have the capability of supplying products to
customers throughout the continental United States.”