Naughton Energy Announces An Additional Bio-Diesel Service Truck in New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania

Naughton Energy Truck Side view with America Flag in the background


Pocono Pines, Pa. (Sept. 22, 2021) – Naughton Energy recently announced the deployment of an additional bio-diesel truck to further provide fuel services in Westchester County, New York as well as New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.


“We are thrilled to add another bio-diesel truck to our fleet. It’s an honor to further serve the Westchester County, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania communities. Our team is really looking forward to the potential projects this added service truck can open the door to,” Rory Naughton, Chief Operating Officer.


As one of the top environmentally friendly energy corporations in the nation, the team at Naughton Energy is always making sure they are serving their customers and community efficiently, effectively, and most importantly safely. The idea to expand further into Westchester County, New York, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania developed from recent changes in the demand for biodiesel products.


“In recent years, bio-diesel products have become a practical and environmentally friendly choice for construction and large fleet vehicles. This shift in fuel has added a new feature for businesses to be aware of – project management,” says Naughton.


According to Naughton, instead of just managing fuel, bio-diesel products also require a separate strategy and reliable management – something that the energy superpower has the knowledge and expertise to provide their customers.


Naughton Energy is excited to further its expansion in Westchester County, New York as well as New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. The corporation looks forward to helping its clients and large on-site projects within these communities by providing an environmentally friendly source of fuel and helping to simplify the project management process.


About Naughton Energy

Naughton Energy was formed in 1976 as a coal trading firm with its initial market efforts concentrated in the Northeastern United States. In the early 1980s, the company entered into petroleum sales. During the 1980’s coal and petroleum market areas were expanded, and the company initiated sales of natural gas and specialized & industrial lubricants. Naughton Energy is presently supplying coal, petroleum, lubricants, and fuel tanks to customers throughout the continental United States.