Naughton Energy Corporation Fuels the U.S. Tennis Open for the 10th Year

Naughton Energy Truck Side view with America Flag in the background


Pennsylvania-based Naughton Energy continued its support of the U.S. Tennis Open for the 10th year by providing fuel for all of the equipment on-site to power operations for the event. Naughton Energy worked around the clock before, during, and after the event to meet the power needs of the U.S. Tennis Open at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in New York.

Naughton Energy is proud to continue its relationship with the U.S. Open as fans returned to watch the tennis matches for the first time since the pandemic started. By providing fuel, all of the operations, which included lighting, power for ticket booths, and more, were able to be performed seamlessly allowing fans to re-engage in the historic sporting event.

“We are honored to continue to be selected as a provider for the U.S. Tennis Open over the years,” said Naughton Energy President, Mariette Naughton. “We are committed to providing service around the clock to all of our partners, especially those with large events such as this because we understand the traditions and memories created by families, spectators, and athletes. With the disruption the pandemic has caused to the U.S. Tennis Open, we enjoyed being able to help welcome the public back so they can continue to make lifelong memories.”

Due to its long history of working on large, high-profile projects, Naughton Energy is able to provide services for any major event. As winter approaches, Naughton Energy is prepared to provide fuel ahead of major storms and after other natural disasters as they are equipped with the tools to respond on a larger scale.

About Naughton Energy
Naughton Energy was formed in 1976 as a coal trading firm with its initial market efforts concentrated in the Northeastern United States. In the early 1980s, the company entered into petroleum sales. During the 1980’s coal and petroleum market areas were expanded, and the company initiated sales of natural gas and specialized & industrial lubricants. Naughton Energy is presently supplying coal, petroleum, lubricants, and fuel tanks to customers throughout the continental United States.